"You guys have inspired me and I may potentially double my staff in the next couple of weeks so that we can handle and grow our $7.5M book of business."

- Mark Hanna
Agency Owner

John Rose

"My state has been experiencing some pretty tough times with rate increases and property concerns. It’s been tough. It’s been easy to be disgruntled and consider pulling back to try and save revenue for a better climate… With that said, we decided to take a different approach. I joined Agency Sales Academy, and I got my team engaged in coaching and role playing. We have become more organized in our prospecting efforts with winbacks and pipeline prospects. We became determined to sell only on value and coverage. We are trying to make price the least important part of the “education” process with customers, and prospects.

We have hired 3 additional sales people and ramped up local marketing, and COI efforts. This March was the best March my agency has had in 21 years. We issued 350 items and almost 30k in PC and 15 IPS. As my newer sales folks learn the craft I believe we will be a 500-600 item per month agency by June."

-John Rose
Agency Owner


"My entire staff are fired up after attending the ASA event. Nothing I have ever done has invigorated my staff and agency manager like your event has. So many other programs and presenters are full of hot air… It’s invigorating to know that there are others out there like us who are working our very hardest to be our very best. Thank you ASA!"

-Laure Feld
Agency Owner


"Outstanding class! A class act event put on by class act folks!"

-Maurice Stephens
Agency Owner


"Great event. My staff and I got a lot great points to go work on in our office. Having some of your staff there talking from their respective view was definitely a plus. After 25 years as an agent, am still learning how to ‘build a better mouse trap."

-Kirt Lattanze
Agency Owner

Linda F

"Going to this academy was an incredible experience for myself and one of my staff. It was time and money well spent on an investment in taking my agency to the next level. I look forward to implementing these great, easy to execute ideas. "

-Linda Fullman
Agency Owner


"You guys have inspired me and I may potentially double my staff in the next couple of weeks so that we can handle and grow our $7.5M book of business."

-Mark Hanna
Agency Owner


"Thank you for everything ASA has done for us. Since attending the last event we have reinvented our agency. I’ve hired a “closer” for sales and another service agent. We’re still on the hunt for more sales staff! I can feel we’re on the cusp of great things!!” 

-Randall Bogani
Agency Owner

Jon Allcox

"The Academy is a great venue for agents to proactively conquer the day to day challenges that we face. It has a wealth of information and is incredibly well organized."

-Jon Allcox
Agency Owner


"Shout out to ‪Agency Sales Academy! 102 items so far this month, $60,190 premium & 8 phone interviews scheduled next week for our next 2 super stars! ‪#‎ASArocks‬!"

-Karen Ross Miller
Agency Owner


"I called a prospect back whom I had been speaking with on her auto/renters. I had already refused to quote her apples to apples as she had 30/60/25. I had already explained the importance of even 1 step up higher limits so, we were going with 50/100/50. Obviously, we had discussed price and I was nervous because the monthly was 356.00. I called her back this afternoon and was more confident after attending the ASA training. Price came up only after I reviewed everything and then said “we would want to set it up on a draft using routing and account and the price would be 349.32 with the multi-policy discount as we would take care of your renters as well.” I still talked about price as the past conversations it was discussed BUT, it was much LESS about price, I was more confident and she didn’t even blink. We are binding tomorrow. 🙂 4 items."

-Melany Shaw
Agency Support Staff


"The conference was dynamite! My folks are committed to blowing up their prior sales goals this year. They understand now what is possible and they know that I expect BIG TIME results from each of them. Thank you!"

-Harley Alloway
Agency Owner

Jon Paul

"You encouraged me to hire “Sales Leader” – Chelsey, even though I was fully staffed. I did so and she is working out great. Earlier this week she went out and scheduled two separate poolside events at local apartment complexes with the complex managers. She hosts her first one day after tomorrow. I plan to add one more staff later this summer!"

-Jon Paul
Agency Owner


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