ASA Live Events

October 18th - 19th 2018 in Los Angeles, CA



At ASA live events, you will learn from four top-producing Agency Owners and two business growth and customer service experts. You'll walk away with specific systems and processes that they use to run and GROW their agency every single year.

The ASA “H.E.R.O.” philosophy that is taught at our live events will help you understand the roles of:

  • Hiring successful sales and operations staff…
  • Developing an Environment that fosters growth and success…
  • Growing Revenue and building your book…
  • And mastering day-to-day Operations…

Thousands of Agency Owners and Staff have already participated in past events.

Listen to what they have to say about ASA in these video testimonials.  This event isn’t just about helping you take your agency to the next level. Staffing is the # 1 problem for most agency owners.

Do you want to become a better coach and a master at developing your team? Let us help.

Agency Sales Academy live events feature breakout sessions which are led by our top LSPs who write over 1,000 items a year — by themselves — with specific subject matter training and live role playing targeted toward getting your LSPs to write significantly more new business.

What if your staff were in this room getting hands-on training from our top LSPs who consistently write over 100 items a month? 

LSPs who follow our training will learn how to dramatically increase their individual production by following our systems and processes — regardless of market or carrier conditions.


Join The ASA Masters Coaching Program Before The Event

Become a Masters Member and gain access to ALL previous live event recordings, ALL previously recorded Masters Class webinars, and two new live coaching webinars every month. Utilize this training for yourself and your staff as "pre-work" before the Academy event. 

Ready to transform your agency?

Let Agency Sales Academy and our record-busting top producers show your LSPs exactly what they do each and every day to put up numbers ranging from 80 to 150 items a month — by themselves. 

Come to the next Agency Sales Academy and bring your key staff members with you for a steep discount on their tuition. 

We look forward to seeing you and your team at the next event. 

Why wait? You can get involved with ASA’s monthly coaching programs before the next event here